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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Strengthen and Improve the DFI Community

Four Main Strategic Goals were identified and developed by the combined Board of Trustees (BOT) and Committee Chairs which build upon the two pillars of DFI success: our connected membership and our consensus voice.  

  1. Raise Awareness of DFI’s value proposition.
  2. Improve DFI member experience.
  3. Improve DFI event experiences and interactive activities.
  4. Improve technical committee efficiency and broader dissemination of deliverables.
  1. Raise Awareness of DFI’s Value Proposition.
    • Senior DFI members serve as ambassadors to communicate the value of DFI’s offerings and content through collaboration with related industry organizations and public agencies.
    • Technical and Industry-based committees identify target entities and recruit ambassadors.
    • Ambassadors provide corporate business presentations and include information on DFI’s content and the expertise members can contribute to their projects and goals.
    • Ambassadors present technical/case history presentations at events of related organization or write articles for publications of related organizations to enlighten the attendees/readers and attract interest.
    • Design improved DFI member access interface on a redesigned website and new association mobile app which include enhanced committee web pages and content search tools to engage related organization members.
  2. Improve DFI member experience.
    • Increase and expand social media presence to reach more students and young professional members.
    • Link social media platforms with association management software and website to increase engagement of all members through delivery of DFI content, news and industry updates.
    • Create a DFI mentorship program to connect young entry-level members with senior members.
    • Use the association app to match mentors and mentees and keep all members informed of educational opportunities and association activities and provide ability for easy communication. 
  3. Improve DFI event experiences and interactive activities.
    1. Build an improved event App that incorporates a variety of new features such as:
      • Session-based references with direct links to additional DFI content.
      • Links for mentors and mentees.
      • Question and moderator access tools.
      • Links to social media for outward communication, social function information, & photo sharing platform.
    2. Ease of registration, flex rates, group passes, affordable remote attendance:
      • Online and on App registration to avoid lines.
      • Event group passes for sharing at a Company / Organization.
      • Affordable remote live access featuring selected content (keynotes, Hal Hunt, WiDF, top ten papers as selected by organizing committee) presented with PPT slides and live video feed worldwide.
    3. Moderator training:
      • Moderator training sessions ahead of conferences to instruct moderators in speaker control, basic IT/video systems, App interaction, question vetting and prioritization, damage control statements when speakers make inappropriate statements.
  4. Improve technical committee efficiency and broader dissemination of deliverables.
    • Build committee-controlled web pages that showcase committee driven content, features, initiatives, advertising and direct links to content under multiple areas of interest.
    • Build committee-based virtual space for meeting, communicating, working and transferring information, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
    • Develop new industry-based committees.