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DFI organizes many types of events to provide opportunities for members and industry colleagues to network and exchange knowledge.  We also partner with other associations and encourage our members to find the event that best suits their educational needs by providing a comprehensive calendar listing of all relevant conferences, seminars, courses and webinars available in the deep foundations industry. We also encourage you to share your knowledge by submitting papers and presentation proposals to events that are seeking your expertise and by sponsoring the events to show your leadership and support.

Upcoming DFI Events

DFI provides a variety of educational and networking events throughout the world on all areas within the scope of deep foundations, ground improvement and underground construction in a variety of formats and access options including webinars, courses, seminars and conferences.

Industry Events

DFI is pleased to provide this comprehensive listing of educational and networking events of interest to deep foundation and geotechnical professionals.

Calls for Abstracts

Events and publications of interest to the deep foundations construction industry that are seeking paper or presentation submissions.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Being a sponsor at a DFI event is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to knowledge and your leadership in the industry via sponsorship at the DFI Annual Conference and DFI Seminars.

Past DFI Events

Events sponsored by DFI over the past two years are listed to provide easy access to information on conference and seminar proceedings.


DFI annually showcases and celebrates the achievements and contributions of individuals, teams and companies in the deep foundations industry.


These lectures honor notable DFI members and serve to honor them and DFI’s mission and goals to disseminate information on deep foundations.