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Technologies and Methods

These committees discuss and debate design and construction challenges and research needs for specific deep foundations technologies to find the common ground that advances their understanding and use.

Augered Cast-In-Place and Drilled Displacement Pile

Expanding the use, understanding, performance, acceptance of ACIP and DD pile systems through sponsoring industry-driven research and developing practical construction and inspection guidance.

CFA Pile (DFI of India)

Introducing and popularizing the use of CFA Piles to address growing fast track piling needs in India through conducting demonstration and educational programs and preparing guidance and resource documents.

Drilled Shaft

Advancing the understanding, design, construction, and quality control and assurance of drilled shaft foundation systems.

Driven Pile

Showcasing advancements and innovations in materials, equipment and testing of driven pile systems.

Ground Improvement

Addressing design and performance of ground improvement technologies for foundation improvement and liquefaction mitigation, including vibratory stone columns, vibrocompaction, vibro concrete columns, aggregate piers, dynamic compaction, wick drains and grouted inclusions.

Helical Piles and Tiebacks

Advancing the understanding of the versatility and behavior of helical pile and tieback foundation elements for structural support and earth retention and increasing acceptance of helical technologies through education and code and specification development.

International Grouting

Convening a forum for sharing grouting approaches, procedures, and guidelines in the global grouting community.


Jointly with ADSC and in partnership with the International Society for Micropiles (ISM), visiting the state of practice of micropile design, construction, and quality control and assurance.

Slurry Wall (now part of Structural Slurry Wall and Seepage Control)

Advancing the awareness, use and performance of slurry and diaphragm wall technologies for design and construction of seepage cutoff, vertical barrier systems, and temporary and permanent earth support works.

Soil Mixing

Expanding the application of soil mixing technology through education, practical guidance, and discussion.

Structural Slurry Wall and Seepage Control

The mission of the committee is to be a collaborative forum to discuss and disseminate best practices for structural slurry walls and seepage control, and to advance the awareness, use and performance of structural slurry wall and seepage control technologies.


Several DFI technical committees focus their activities on the use of deep foundations for specific project applications. These committees explore and address the special considerations for design and execution of efficient, reliable, and safe project solutions for these foundation applications.

Practice and Standards

Many DFI committees address topics related to the practice and standards for designing and constructing deep foundations, including codes, contracts, data management, sustainability and practitioner support

Get Involved

Technical Committees are the backbone of DFI providing the practical forum for finding common ground in the deep foundations industry. Committees provide opportunities for all members to identify and address issues that impact deep foundations practice. Committees convene engineers, contractors, manufacturer and equipment suppliers, owners, and researchers to promote the discussion that builds the mutual understanding and consensus required to broadly influence and improve codes and standards, and design, construction and quality control and assurance procedures.

Committees explore industry challenges and opportunities, develop guidance and specifications, conduct industry-driven research, and prepare event programs that educate and debate current topics. Join a committee to collaborate with global industry practitioners; stay updated on design, construction, and market trends; build your professional network of colleagues and supplier resources; and contribute to providing high value deep foundation solutions for society.